What Others Are Saying

"A suspense filled, feel good movie. It kept my family watching, guessing and anticipating the outcome. Loved it!"

— Don Blackwell, Gospel Broadcasting Network

"A unique, compassionate and compelling story the world needs to see!"

— Jim Dearman, Good News Today

"...refreshingly entertaining…a good combination of suspense, mystery, beautiful scenery and a powerful message.... A must see for everyone."

— John Moore, Bible instructor

"A gripping account of a lost young woman and her journey to find hope—a journey we must all make. Two thumbs up!"

— Becky Blackmon, author & speaker

"The videography, music, direction and actors all mesh together so well, I found myself captivated and rooting for the characters in this modern, 'rescue the perishing' story."

— Ken Upchurch, elder

"...very entertaining with excellent photography...great views of Texas landmarks and scenery...the right amount of suspense to hold one's attention and the romantic side is an added plus. Hollywood has never come up with anything better."

— Rod Rutherford, Bible instructor

"Excellent! Restoring, refreshing, and inspiring to the spirit. It motivates one to want to evangelize and have a deeper sense of the providence of God!"

"Excellent! I am not a movie watcher but this one is great in several ways- in pointing to the Bible. I have given away 15 movies and didn't have the money for more."

"Excellent! Overall the movie had excellent content and was inspirational. I felt that perhaps the technical quality of the camera or film was not as great as it could have been but also very good!"

"Very good! The acting was done well even though some of them, not all, are not professionals. The job you and your crew did was so much better than I would have anticipated."

"Very good! I enjoyed the movie. The first time I watched it, I thought the pace was a little slow but the suspense was the key keeper and the ending was great. Thank you!! Eager to see more."

"Excellent! I watched it twice to fully understand the plot. I commend the whole crew. It shows true Christianity including the plan of salvation."

"Enjoyed the movie, "Bound"."

"Congratulations on your movie, "Bound", and winning the Best Film award at the Sequin Film Festival. It is a great movie, the best I have seen in a long time. Keep up the great work you are doing and many the Lord continue to bless you in all you are doing for Him. To God be the glory!!"

"The production quality was very good and the message was very strong."

"Just finished watching the movie, "Bound". First movie I ever saw in my life that taught the truth about salvation. What an amazing achievement! It brought tears to my eyes to see God glorified!"

"Very good! The movie's plot was intriguing and mysterious and kept our interest throughout. However, some of the scenes could've been edited to be shorter and more to the point, especially, some of the opening. Some of the acting was a bit stilted, and there seemed to be a bit too much focus on material goods, but overall was an enjoyable movie with good spiritual content."

"Congratulations to all of you who did such a good job as usual! We hope people as far and wide will view this good family film and be brought to Christ as a result of it. We will try to do our part in telling them about it wherever we go."

"Thank you so much for sending me the DVD "Bound" this is a very beautiful movie like a beautiful poem The photography editing and songs are simply Superb." -India

"Excellent! Well developed story!"

"A million "Gbosa" for those who participated in one way or the other in the making of, "Bound". The script was perfect, the production was superb and the ability of these Christians to use an appealing means of film to teach is extraordinary. I've watched it and I will keep watching it over and over." -Nigeria

"I received the DVD "Bound" and played and it was a good movie. I rate this as, "very good" to "okay"."

"We enjoyed the "Bound" movie. Had a friend over to watch it with us. She plans to come back and watch the Bible study portion later….Thanks to all those who worked hard to get it done."

"I have viewed this movie four times and the study twice and it thrills me."

"Yea!!! Carl and I think it is GREAT!!!"

"Excellent! Interesting approach to the Bible. Good acting. Scenery was beautiful. Background music was excellent."

"I watched the movie "Bound" and found the story compelling and creative and the message outstanding..."

"Excellent! Very good! It was a great movie. Everybody needs to see it. We had a movie night in our home. We are going to lend it out so others can see it in their homes. Please make some more movies. Thanks!!!!"

"Excellent! I loved the movie. Very well done and very appropriate. I knew I'd be able to watch it without being concerned about what might come on the screen next."

"Excellent! Watching for the first time was extreme suspense!"

"Excellent! Wonderful! This movie is fabulous!! I loved the suspense even though I knew it was being done by Christians and I knew Christians would never sell anyone, it was still suspenseful. God has blessed you all with a whole lot of talent! Thank you for using it to spread God's word!!"

"Excellent! Intense script is excellent. My congregation will see it on a future Wednesday night."

"Excellent! Great theme! Good acting and very sincere."

"A very good movie!"

"Very good! It shows what love and compassion can do. It shows how The Gospel can have an effect on a person if they will open their heart."

"The movie "Bound" is a very good movie and the movie keeps you wondering "What kind of Christians are these people?" I would rate this movie a #1 which is excellent and others have to see it! I would caution those who have seen it to not give the storyline at the end away."

"We watched "Bound" last evening and found it very interesting. The filming on location and special effects were well-done. Obviously, the members of the cast were amateurs but they put on a good performance. The story kept us in suspense until the end. The message was very good. We will recommend it to others."

"It was comparable only. I understand the actors are not real Hollywood actors. They did a great job considering. It was a little draw out in the beginning, but the story content was good. It would make a good class discussion. My 13 year old grandson like it and it held his attention and he commented that it had a good plot. I too thought she was sold. Somebody did some good brainstorming."

"This movie is a HIT around here. There are a lot of requests and comments from people who want to send it to all their children. I think the church is going to buy this case I got and probably more as people find out about it."

"First let me give you a congrats on making a feature film. I know you put a lot of hard work into what you accomplished. As a fellow filmmaker and a Christian, I can understand the tedious process of filmmaking. The music was astounding. It fit the film at times emotionally. I do want to share the information on the film to others. I hope in the future there will be other films like this that are clean and contain good values for families to cherish."

"Was very much impressed by the great lengths and expense to which you went in producing this great story for the cause of Christ! The casting was superb."

"This movie has been approved by
The Dove Foundation for family viewing."

"A suspense filled, feel good movie. Loved it!"

-Don Blackwell  Gospel Broadcasting Network